5 Fitness Apps You Need To Download Today

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Have you been struggling with getting your fitness game on track? Is there just no motivation to get out there and get your sweat on?

To be completely honest, I have been going through a similar season. I’m busy with kids. Busy with my blog. Busy with, well… Just not feeling motivated.

Since I am trying to get my butt in gear, I figured I would share some apps that have helped in the past and that I plan to utilize this go around to stay on track with my fitness goals.

*I am not affiliated with, nor am I getting paid by, the makers of these apps. I just love them and wanted to share them with you!*

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Fitness Apps to Try

My Fitness Pal

This app is free to download (although there is a premium version for either $49.99 annually or $9.99 per month.)

Basically, you can track everything you eat and all your workouts. You set a goal for yourself (“Lose 1 pound per week,” etc.) and based on that My Fitness Pal calculates how many calories you should be consuming. Then, you can also factor in your fitness activity, and set goals for that.

You add in your weight as often as you want to and it formulates a chart so you can see your progress. There is also a section where you can check your macros.

With the premium version, you get an ad free experience, and more detailed analyses of your eating habits.

My Virtual Mission

This is another free app that has been super fun to use! It is a great way to set a distance goal for yourself. You create a virtual mission (for instance, mine is to make it from our town to Disney World), and every time you run/walk, etc, you update your progress.

Once you update your progress, it shows you where you currently are on the map. (I live near Chicago, and I have almost made it to Florida!) It is exciting to see your progress. You can start small, or go big, like me. My goal is meant to coincide with a trip to Disney World, but you can set your fitness goal to make it to the next state over.

Nike Training Club

I really credit this particular fitness app for jumpstarting me initially. I got in great shape using it! It is free to download, and has a ton of workouts you can do for free right from home.

Some of the workouts require equipment, and some do not. For the ones that require equipment, it usually is just a set of dumbbells. So nothing major or expensive.

There are dozens of strength exercises and endurance routines. You can select your level (beginner, intermediate, etc.) so your workout is tailored to your level.

There is also a premium version with this app. It is $119.99 a year ($9.99 a month), or $14.99 a month. With the premium version you get access to better coaching (“master trainers”), nutrition and wellness guidance, and more workouts to pick from.

Fitness, fitness apps, workout, blog post

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Map My Walk

This app is for walkers or runners who want to record their outside workouts. You leave it open while you are walking or running outside and it tracks the time and distance.

You can also manually log walks/runs, and set goals for yourself. Another cool feature is that you can link it to My Fitness Pal and log your meals as well.

There are usually a few free “challenges” available that you can join. For instance, one they currently have is to cover 1019km (about 633 miles) in 2019.


This last one is also free to download and has a really cool concept behind it! You pay for virtual races (for example, run, walk, or cycle 26.2 miles on your own schedule), and they send you either a shirt or a medal. This is cool for people that want to race without the race environment, or people who want to break the distance down.

There are dozens of races to choose from, and some are as cheap as $23. They have really cute themes. (I just started a peacock themed one called “Shake Your Tail Feathers,” which is a total of about 79 miles.)

Fitness, fitness apps, workout, blog post

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As you can see, there are a lot of free fitness apps out there to choose from. They cater to all levels, from complete couch potato to marathon champion. The important thing is to just get out there and get started!

Which app are you going to try first? What is your favorite way to get motivated to work out? Let me know in the comments section!

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