A Resilience Mindset | How You Can Cultivate One — And Keep It

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Resilience is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as: “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”

We all have tough pills to swallow sometimes. For you, that might be needing to have a tough conversation with someone. For others, it might be needing to be careful about how much alcohol they’re consuming. But for me, it has been needing to go back to therapy after about 3 years’ absence from it.

So often we, especially mothers, have this notion that we can do it all. Better yet, we should do it all. I am a major supporter of those with mental illness, as I hope my posts show, but even I get into these phases where I think, Pssh. I got this covered.

How wrong I have been! My body has basically been free falling into a pit of fatigue and anxiety and being overwhelmed and just plain crankiness. Simply put, I haven’t been coping with this season of life very well.

It is a tough pill to swallow to go back to therapy. So how do I cope with the disappointment that comes with that decision, and turn that into acceptance?

Things to consider to have more resilience

    -Any time you are going through a tough phase, or there is a tough decision to be made, think back to a time when you survived a similar circumstance. This probably isn’t the first time you (or even someone close to you) has been through something like this. How did you get through the first time? What coping skills did you rely on?
    -Who can you lean on for support? For me, heading back to therapy means first of all, talking to my husband about how much that will cost, and second of all, arrange child care for my kids when I am at my appointments.
    -When you are in a tough season of life, think of all the positive things that could come out of it. This is maybe the hardest step of all, but I think it’s really effective. For every negative thought that you encounter, how can you put a positive spin on it?

If you practice these 3 things on a regular basis, I guarantee you will find yourself clinging on a little tighter to your life raft. Hang in there. You can do it, friend.

Tell me in the comments about the last time you needed resilience. How did you get through it?


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14 thoughts on “A Resilience Mindset | How You Can Cultivate One — And Keep It”

  1. The last time I needed resilience was in graduate schhol. I was balancing ALOT and need to push forward in the face of adversity!

  2. Resiliency is exhausting. Surviving time and time again without necessary self-care and down time leads to psychological and physical disruption. I got back into therapy recently to cope with a husband who is in denial about his schizophrenia diagnosis and has relapsed on alcohol for the past 7 weeks. I have massive anxiety… working on solutions for myself to keep on keeping on!

  3. This is a helpful post! At the current moment, I’m having a tough time, so I do need to think more positively!

  4. jensjourney73

    Great article!! For me, lately anyways, I keep reminding myself ‘I am human’ and I cannot ‘do it all’ nor will I always do ‘it’ right BUT I will keep refocusing and doing what I can to be better for myself?? A better me ( or you!) is better for everyone!

  5. I grew up with the mindset that moms should be able to do it all. I now realize how silly this is. I love the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child.” How is it that this was known in history yet we somehow are conditioned to believe we need to do it all today? Hang in there. Reaching out for support is a sign of strength, not weakness.

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