mental health issues

FAQs About Mental Health Issues: What You Need To Know

Do you know someone with mental health issues? It is likely that you do. Recent statistics indicate that 1 in 5 American adults suffer from a mental health condition in a given year. That is 20% of the adult population. Because of this many people are very curious about mental illness and the challenges it presents. And it does present a lot of them. My own mental health issues make me exhausted, sad, worried, irritated, manic, and hopeless- sometimes all on the same day.<

4 Major Reasons Why Mental Health Treatment is Seriously Flawed

“Why don’t you get mental health treatment?” “Why don’t you take meds?”
“Why don’t you see a therapist?” “Why not get insurance?” These are common questions that people who have a mental illness get asked when they are not being treated for their condition.  Many people who ask them have good intentions, but what they don’t understand is: Getting treatment is not always easy.  In fact, insurance companies often make it unaffordable and complicated.

How you can overcome travel anxiety with a few easy tricks

Are you in need of some better anxiety management strategies? Does anxiety get the best of you when you’re traveling? If so, don’t feel embarrassed. It’s really really common. I’ve dealt with it for most of the past decade. Not sure if what you’re feeling is anxiety? Ask yourself the following questions. Have you ever …

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