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Coping with change: A comprehensive self care guide for difficult years

A year of massive change- There is no denying that this has been one heck of a year so far. And while many of the events that have happened year-to-date are negative, the pandemic (and the way the world has changed because of it) opened up many new opportunities for people across the United States. Here are just a few examples of negatives that, with the right mindset, can be turned into positive experiences.

words for self love

Inspiring Words For Self Love + 10 Simple Self Love Tips You Can Try Today

Do you feel like self love is hard to come by? 2020 has really done a number on us. Between a global pandemic, school closing, people being out of work, and financial stress, it has been the worst year I can personally remember. When things like this happen, it’s so easy to get lost in managing chaos that we forget to care for ourselves. I have needed to be way more intentional lately about my self care, and I know I’m not alone. Self love is a really critical component of your mental health. Every time you go on a plane, they tell you that in case of an emergency, put on your own oxygen mask before helping someone else.

7 types of toxic people you need to avoid

Avoiding toxic people and situations is a key component of self care. But how do you do it? What if the toxic friends are people you have a close relationship with? In this guest post by Trishna, she discusses some toxic relationship signs, and other toxic traits you need to avoid.

parenting an addict

Parenting an Addict: A Mother’s Story of Resilience and Survival

“Addiction is the only prison where the locks are on the inside.” — Unknown TW/CW: Addiction and domestic violence Addiction is insidious.  It keeps you locked inside a cage that you just can’t unlock by yourself.  And unfortunately, the jailer is not a person, but a substance or a behavior, so there is no reasoning …

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