Life IS Beautiful book review: How can you find happiness in a dreadful year?

Self help books can really be a hit or a miss. Granted, some are amazing. I’ve read ones that have changed my life for the better. But many are filled with woo advice that has never actually been proven to work. These end up being more frustrating to read than genuinely helpful. I’ve become a bit of a skeptic the past few years. I take most advice with a grain of salt, and generally take a lot of time to process things before putting it into action. Admittedly, I’m naturally pessimistic. Constant joyful optimistic can grate on me, because it makes me wonder- what’s the catch?

positive quotes of encouragement

51 positive quotes of encouragement to help you conquer 2020

Are you looking for some positive quotes of encouragement and hope? You are not alone. Even if you feel like you are, I promise it’s not true. But I understand the feeling. It’s been a really challenging year, and it’s easy to feel super isolated by your emotions. When you’re going through a hard time, it’s natural to feel alone. Why? Because if you consciously recognize that there are millions in the same boat, it almost makes it feel more hopeless. So we remain alone. Blissfully ignorant. But at the end of the day, it’s important to find community when we’re struggling. Even if it makes us realize how truly chaotic the world is. Surrounding ourselves with people who understand is one of the most important steps in recovery.

what limiting beliefs are

What limiting beliefs are (+ 7 easy ways to beat them in a relatively short time)

What is self esteem? It’s important to identify this, and also figure out what limiting beliefs are and how they hold us back. According to Psychology Today, “Confidence in one’s value as a human being is a precious psychological resource and generally a highly positive factor in life; it is correlated with achievement, good relationships, and satisfaction. Possessing little self-regard can lead people to become depressed, to fall short of their potential, or to tolerate abusive relationships and situations.”

7 simple morning routine ideas that can take your day from blah to brilliant

Does your morning routine need some work? Having an effective morning routine is key to starting your day off on the right foot. But many people have no idea how important it is! It makes more of a difference than they realize. We are creatures of habit, and we get stuck in behavior patterns very easily. What starts off as one lazy morning becomes a lifetime of issues with motivation. That is why it is so important to grab a notepad for this one, and make the commitment that starting tomorrow you will make building a morning routine a priority.

What It Means to Be a Woman: 5 Key Takeaways From This New Book

I am so excited to share this book review with you all! This is my second review for the author, and I loved this book even more than the first. Are you a woman struggling with your identity in 2020? Are you trying to figure out how you fit into the world with your particular version of femininity? Then this is the book for you. Keep reading to find out my favorite pieces of wisdom, and find out how you can order the book for you (and one for a friend!)

How to be motivated even though you are anxious

Are you experiencing a significant lack of motivation? That is very common when you live with depression and anxiety. When you live with a mental illness, you are often tired, and your fatigue makes it hard to get anything done. So what can you do? How can you get your motivation back?

what empathy means

What empathy means (And why it is more important than ever in 2020)

“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another.” – Alfred Adler

Have you ever taken time to close your eyes and imagine you were seeing the world through the eyes of someone else? Wondered what their heart felt like as it beat inside their chest? Felt the weight of their emotional journey?