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5 Boredom Busters For Kids When Mama is Really Freaking Tired

What was the last parenting advice you got that took you by surprise? Was it the message itself that surprised you? Or was it the person who gave it to you? For me it was both. My little sister has always been someone I’ve seen as very level-headed.  She perfectly balances out my imbalances.  She’s the kind of person I look at and think, “How does she always manage to get it right?” The oldest child typically has the burden of feeling like they need to have the answers, and like they always have to take care of their younger siblings.  I am very fortunate to say that in our situation, with my mental illness ebbing and flowing like the tide, Allie has a tendency to selflessly take care of me.

Taking Time For Each Other (Why You Need To Have Quality Time on a Regular Basis)

When was the last time you spent quality time with your spouse? Not just running a couple quick errands, but actual time spent doing something meaningful. Have you noticed that after having kids, your spouse is often the one most neglected? (Probably after you. Moms feel me on that!) But it’s important to make the …

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5 Life Changing Books to Read in 2020

What is your favorite book? Which book inspires you every single time you read it? (My all-time favorite is Love in the Time of Cholera.) For some it is a work of fiction. For others, it is a meaningful biography of their favorite historical figure. Whatever the case, books have the power to massively change your life.