Meet the Blogger: Introducing Ami

Who are some of your favorite bloggers? I try to follow as many as I can because they have so much wisdom to pass on. That’s what gave me the idea for this interview series. I wanted to glean as much knowledge as I could from those much wiser than me.

This is our third installment of Meet the Blogger, all about Ami, a fellow mental health blogger.

Interview series questions

First of all, tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Ami, I’m 24 and I’m from Norfolk, UK.

What is your connection to the blogging and/or mental health community?

My blog, UndercoverSuperhero began in October 2018. I write about my recovery journey, from a rare neurological condition which caused me to lose all of my mobility. I raise awareness of living with Transverse Myelitis, Sensory Ataxia, hearing difficulties and central vision loss. Fellow bloggers also raise awareness, through ‘The Reality of…’ series on my blog, which allows them to educate others about what life is really like living with a disability, chronic illness, mental illness, etc.

What is the hardest part about having a successful blog?

Success can have several meanings for each blogger. For me, if by sharing my experience helps another person to be open and reach out to talk about their experience, then that’s success to me. However, trying to find a balance between blogging, volunteering and other ventures, is the hardest part for me – although, it is incredibly worth it!

What is the biggest challenge the mental health community faces currently?

Personally, I think it’s the lack of empathy. If you had asked me 10 years ago, then I would have definitely said that stigma was the main issue. Yet, over the years, I’ve noticed so many more people being open about suffering with a mental illness and there is definitely an improvement in how much awareness has been raised.

What are 5 things that many people do not know about you?

I dropped out of secondary school due to being bullied, aged 13.

I was an in-patient at a Adolescents Mental Health Centre, but I was only there for 3 days as it was the furthest I had ever been away from my family and on my own. To be honest, I was missing my Mum so badly and thankfully they only needed one parents consent for me to be discharged.

Many do not know that I got accepted for a music course at college, to pursue singing, but I turned it down due to stage fright.

I don’t understand Snapchat, never have, never will!

The one time I attempted cooking, I burnt baked beans. Never going in the kitchen again!

What is your favourite book and why?

Fifty Shades of Grey because I find it to be a beautiful story. The excitement and lust for one another is what captivated me. The early stages of falling in love, visualising bringing the best out of each other was just so beautiful to read.

What do you do when you are having a really hard day to lift your spirits?

Writing – Despite some blog posts being difficult to write, I mean emotionally not physically, writing helps to release the negativity in me. I try my best to turn something negative into something positive.

What makes a person brave?

Hmm…this is a really tough question to answer. From my own personal experience, I’ve had no choice but to be brave. Past traumatic experiences have changed my perception on life. I guess I’m only brave because of how I coped which everything that happened. There really is so many directions this answer could go and I think everyone’s answer will be different according to their beliefs.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself and why?

Sarcastic – I’m forever coming out with witty comebacks…well I think so anyway!

Strong – Everybody says that im strong and especially after what happened during 2018, how I coped with it all definitely makes me feel that I am a strong person.

Quirky – I ask the most bizarre questions that nobody can answer and I’ve been called quirky because of this.

What is your biggest flaw?

Not standing up for myself. I’m quite often in a situation where others say what they think without being mindful, yet if it was me saying something then all hell would break loose and I would end up being the bad guy. I’ve always struggled with this due to physical abuse, I’m scared of the consequences if I were to stand up for myself.

What is your greatest strength?

I’d like to think that my greatest strength is compassion for others. Not that I wasn’t before but since I’ve become disabled and chronically ill, I’ve gained a better understanding about what life is really like for the disabled community. It’s really eye-opening and does changed my perception on certain aspects. I’ve learnt the difference between empathy and sympathy, it’s easy to think they have the same meaning, but they don’t, far from it! Learning the difference has helped me to be more compassionate to others.

What is your best childhood memory?

Going to concerts with my mum and my sisters. We went to 4 or 5 a year. Some nights when we didn’t stay overnight in a hotel, then we didn’t get home until 2am and I’d still get ready for school in the morning. How I never fell asleep in class, I shall never know. Such a rebel, ha!

Where do you envision your blog in 5 years?

I’m genuinely surprised at how quickly my blog has grown! I have a few plans with regards to the future of UndercoverSuperhero which I don’t want to announce yet as it’s something I really need to look into. I would like to continue in making my blog the best it can possibly be and continue to engage with my readers.

Where do you see the mental health community in 5 years?

Rapidly growing like it is today. Plus, I think the empathy for one another will improve. Overall, I think the mental health community will become the strongest it’s ever been.

Who do you follow to stay updated on all things blogging and/or mental health? Share their links below!

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You (Aww thanks!)

About the Author

Ami is a disability blogger who openly talks about living with chronic illnesses and general life experiences as a young disabled woman.

She also volunteers with 2 charities, Scope and Ataxia UK, online. Ami loves superheroes and her favourite franchise is Marvel. Her main goals in life are to raise awareness and help others raise awareness, and to become a wedding planner who specialises in ensuring weddings are accessible and inclusive.

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Thanks, Ami, for participating in Meet the Blogger! I loved your responses, and I truly appreciate you taking the time out to answer my questions. Best wishes on all your blogging endeavors!

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  1. Great interview! I’d be interested to learn more about why it’s most challenging to stand up for yourself, as Ami seems to really have a strong sense of self.

    Compassion – yes I think we’re all moving in the right direction but still a long way to go.

    Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Wow. At a young age, Ami has done a lot. I admire her and she is an inspiration for the youth today. Thanks for sharing your interview with her.

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