Meet the Blogger: Introducing Naomi

Who are some of your favorite bloggers? I try to follow as many as I can because they have so much wisdom to pass on. (Including bloggers like Naomi!)

That’s what gave me the idea for this interview series. I wanted to glean as much knowledge as I could from those much wiser than me.

This is our fifth installment of my interview series, Meet the Blogger, all about Naomi, a fellow blogger. (You can read our previous installment here: Meet the Blogger: Introducing Ami)

Interview series questions: Naomi

First of all, tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Naomi and I blog about mental health. It is a subject that I am passionate about and intrigued by after experiencing my own difficulties.

Aside from that, I live in the deepest depths of Somerset in the UK with my husband and big, soppy Akita. I love spending time in nature, reading and cooking.

What is your connection to the blogging and/or mental health community?

I have always loved to write, ever since I was a child. To be honest, I was experiencing a bit of a ‘writers block’ at the start of this year and, after showing him some of my previous writings about mental health my lovely therapist that I was seeing at the time encouraged me to write more about it. I have met some other, really great, bloggers in the last few months and I’m pleased that I took this leap!

What is the hardest part about being a successful blogger?

For me, it’s definitely the social media and the promoting side of it. I am a little hermit at heart and sometimes I can find the most successful platforms (such as Twitter) quite overwhelming. Also, like with anything, comparing yourself to how others are doing is always a tricky path to navigate.

What is the biggest challenge the mental health community faces currently?

Certainly in the UK (and I’m sure elsewhere) it is the access to professional help. The NHS is under such strain that waiting lists for therapy in some areas are at almost a year and when you are in crisis this can feel like a lifetime. Also, the therapy, when you do get it, can feel limited. A certain amount of sessions for example, or telephone or group therapy only because that is all that is available. The NHS do an amazing job, but it is down to funding and cuts – especially in rural areas – which come from government.

What are 5 things that many people do not know about you?

Ooh gosh, 5! Um…

•I could sing both Evita and Beaches to you straight through – word for word, with the different voices

•The only work of mine ever published in an actual book – was a poem, yet poetry terrifies me more than prose ever has!

•I am not greenfingered in the slightest….

•One of my favourite things to do at the moment is sing my baby nephew to sleep with songs from the Carpenters and The Mamas and The Papas.

•My dream is to own some land in Wales and have a sort of sanctuary for kids who are having a hard time at school and/or emotionally. Somewhere where they can spend time in nature, with the rescue dogs and farm animals I plan to adopt and have a bit of safe, quiet space to explore and talk about their feelings.

What is your favorite book and why?

The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane by Laird Koenig – its not set in the UK but it always makes me think of a place we used to stay in Cornwall, in October when the book is set. It’s also very dark – perfect to read around Halloween… definitely read the book rather than watching the film version though!

What do you do when you are having a really hard day to lift your spirits?

I try to spend time with my husband or my close friends, have some doggo snuggles, rest if I need to and try to treat myself with kindness – which is something I’m still trying to master. Failing that, I sleep. Tiredness is a huge trigger for me.

What makes a person brave?

Being true to themselves and standing up for what they believe in. It’s not always easy, especially if you sometimes feel like the proverbial square peg.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself and why?

Empathic, creative and sleepy – empathy and creativity can be exhausting! 🙂

What is your biggest flaw?

I get too emotionally involved sometimes – I try to see situations from everyone’s viewpoint and I can get caught up in that sometimes at my own emotional expense.

What is your greatest strength?

Making amazing roast potatoes!

What is your best childhood memory?

One morning, when we were staying in Cornwall during October, my brother and I went down to the beach early – from the dining room of the bungalow we stayed in you could clearly see the beach. It was my mums birthday and we wrote her a happy birthday message in the sand with all the rocks and pebbles we could find and then rushed back up the hill to the bungalow so that we could see it with her when she got up. Adventures with my brother were always some of the best memories 🙂

Where do you envision your blog in 5 years?

I have no idea! I’m not one of these bloggers that gets wrapped up in SEO and all of that. I blog because I love to write and it keeps me writing. However, if it feels too much at times I don’t want to feel pressured into not taking a break. I hope in 5 years time it will have helped a few people feel less alone, I hope it will have helped me grow as a writer, but I have no grandiose plans or ideas for it.

Where do you see the mental health community in 5 years?

I see it having grown and going from strength to strength. I’m in my thirties and I see amazing bloggers who are in their late teens/early twenties – if they keep doing what they are doing then I can only see it becoming a positive movement to have people talking openly about their struggles in a (mostly) safe and supportive environment.

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Thanks, Naomi, for participating in my interview series, Meet the Blogger! I loved your responses, and I truly appreciate you taking the time out to answer my questions. Best wishes on all your blogging endeavors!

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