Helpful mental health e-courses

Welcome to my mental health e-courses page! I will update this as often as possible to keep you aware of any free or paid mental health e-courses I currently offer. You can also check out my Free Resources Library for more mental health tools.

Current mental health e-courses

mental health e-courses, how to be healthier in 30 days

Are you struggling in an important area of your life?

  • Can’t seem to get in shape?
  • Relationship drama?
  • Feel like a bad mom?
  • Kitchen a cluttered mess?

Trust me. I’ve been there. Truthfully, I’m still figuring it out. Life can be a hot mess sometimes. That’s why I made this e-course. To help others like me. Maybe we can figure out our shit together!

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This course is custom designed to help you get on the right track to being healthier in just a month. It covers several key areas of life:

  • Fitness: How can you get in shape and stay that way?
  • Emotions: Mental health is a topic near and dear to my heart! (As you hopefully know by reading my blog.)
  • Goal-setting: How can you set goals and actually achieve them?
  • Healthy eating: I have struggled here so much! How can you actually start a journey toward healthier eating habits?
  • Relationships: We have so many different relationships, and it can be hard to manage the stress from them.
  • Parenting: Enough said– it’s so hard. So very hard.
  • Organization: Need to rid your life of some clutter? I’ve been working on that and it feels fantastic!
  • Finances: Budgets are crucial for financial health, so check this out!
  • Cleaning: All about keeping that house clean without the stress.

I’m sure you’ve struggled in one of those areas in the past. Maybe you do now. Whatever the case, this course will help you get your life on track.

How do you enroll? It’s easy!

Click here to enroll for only $7, and don’t forget to snag your workbook for just $3. The workbook is a great place to take notes and write down goals to help you make the most of the course.

What are you waiting for? Let me know if you have any questions.