My Writing Resumé: Where You Can Read My Ramblings

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I have been writing a lot of guest posts lately. I mean… A LOT.

Hey, I love it though, don’t get me wrong. I love helping others provide content for their blog readers. I love writing about all the things swirling around in my brain. It satisfies my soul, which is something I’ve been looking for for a long time.

I decided to create a bit of a resumé, a place where people who like my writing can go to stay updated on where that can be done. I will periodically be posting about this here as I do more guest posts, so keep your eyes peeled.

As of right now, here are the places you can find me on the World Wide Web. That I’m aware of ?

Email & Social Media

Email: [email protected]

Pinterest: @diffusingthetensionblog

Instagram: @diffusing_the_tension

Twitter: @jvan3610

Facebook: @diffusingthetension

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Guest Posts

  • My Life As Macy blog, “A Mother’s Journey With Bipolar Disorder,” published 4/16/19–Link

  • Silver Jasmine blog, “Parenting With Mental: What It Means & How You Can Cope,” published 4/26/19– Link

  • Just Call Me Jess blog, “Setting Goals With Mental Illness: How You Can Stay SMART in the Face of Struggle,” published 5/29/19– Link

  • The Queen of Ambition blog, “Maintaining Relationships During Periods of Depression,” published 6/1/19– Link

  • Christiana Acha blog, “Living With Depression: 7 Tips to Use Daily to Make the Day More Manageable,” published 6/9/19– Link

  • The Feminine Collective blog, “Staying Confident Whilst Living With a Mental Illness,” published 6/10/19– Link

  • Blog Unwritten online magazine, “How to Beat the Summertime Blues”, pg 29-30, published 6/15/19– Link

Thank you.

Thanks for being faithful readers. Your support means everything. You help me speak the truths in my heart. You help me give voice to the issues that need to be spoken about. You are wonderful. Thank you.

Sharing is caring!

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