What It Means to Be a Woman: 5 Key Takeaways From This New Book

I am so excited to share this book review with you all!

This is my second review for the author, and I loved this book even more than the first.

Are you a woman struggling with your identity in 2020? Are you trying to figure out how you fit into the world with your particular version of femininity?

Then this is the book for you. Keep reading to find out my favorite pieces of wisdom, and find out how you can order the book for you (and one for a friend!)

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What it means to be a woman

This book answers the highly debated question: What does it mean to be a woman? In the new book What It Means to Be a Woman- And Yes, Women Do Poop!, the author, Jacqueline Pirtle, discusses the following:

  • Her thoughts on femininity
  • The difference between female energy and masculine energy
  • Why being a woman is so important
  • What your purpose is
  • Her thoughts on the comparison game
  • What it means to be a woman

I am really interested in gender politics and what my place is in 2020 as a woman, so this book was right up my alley.

To be honest, when she contacted me for the review, I was skeptical when I read the title. I have very strong views about gender roles that I’m extremely passionate about (another topic for another day). So, I was worried that this book might not align with values that matter to me.

I am so glad I was wrong!

purple background with white text that says "What It Means to Be a Woman: 5 Key Takeaways From This New Book," a black and white photo of a woman with short dark hair smiling

A lovely book about being a woman

In this section, I wanted to share 5 of my favorite takeaways from the book (without totally spoiling all of her lovely wisdom.)

Takeaway #1- You are more than your physical body

I love the 6 truths she shares about being a woman. They really gave me a lot to think about. Check them out and let me know which ones resonate with you the most in the comments!

  • You did not start out as a woman as a mistake- even if that’s not the gender you identify with currently.
  • You are more than your physical body- you are a whole awesome force of energy!
  • You are never powerless.
  • Your feminine state of energy equips you with all the tools you need to thrive.
  • You can get through anything!
  • Your power lies first in your feminine energy first, then in your physical body.

Takeaway #2- Life is a gift no matter what

Pirtle writes:

Everything that IS in your life- the good, the bad, and the ugly- is meant for you to allow as an expansion and receive like it is the grandest gift ever. Pretend it is your birthday and unwrap it with delight, go ahead!

You grow through what you go through, as they say. Everything that happens can be used to move you forward to the being you were meant to be.

purple background with white text that says "What It Means to Be a Woman: 5 Key Takeaways From This New Book," a black and white photo of a woman in a body of water with her arms up and a flowing dress blowing in the wind

Takeaway #3- Your purpose is to be happy

She says, “The gigantic purpose of why you chose to come here is for you to be and feel the best and happiest, most joyous, healthy, and successful YOU possible, in order to make the energetic wheel go round and round.”

You are not meant to be sad, and anxious, and living in misery. If that is the way you feel, remember: those feelings are real, and they are valid. I live with them myself!

But also remember that they are not YOU, and they are not the way you were born to live.

Takeaway #4- You can achieve your dreams!

Even if you live with chronic depression and anxiety like I do, you are a woman who is meant for more. You are meant to set goals and high in the sky dreams, and chase them until they become reality.

Pirtle writes that within the same energy as your purpose as a woman exists your highest dreams. “The life you really want to experience is in that frequency and if you are there too, you and your desires can meet and be together. You become one with each other and enjoy the purpose of flying even higher- since there is never a limit to to how amazing you can feel and live.”

I don’t know about you, but that conjured such a lovely image in my mind!

purple background with white text that says "What It Means to Be a Woman: 5 Key Takeaways From This New Book," a black and white photo of a woman smiling wearing a hat and sunglasses

Takeaway #5- If you want all good things, you have to ask!

“Claim your fire, because you ARE a soul being that is outfitted with the wisdom of your soul guidance, here to enjoy your soul passion, creating an impeccably fitting soul journey that you are here to experience.”

If there is something you want in life, or something you want to be, then claim your fire. Tell the universe what you want, and then tell the universe that you are ready to accept it. It might not be easy, but it is possible!

what it means to be a woman

Click the image above to order your copy of What It Means To Be a Woman today!

Check out my other Jacqueline Pirtle book review

In short, I loved this book! I would sincerely recommend it to everyone who is looking to discover their purpose in a really challenging year.

This is not the first book review I’ve written for Jacqueline Pirtle! You can check out my first one (for her book 365 Days of Happiness) here: 365 Days of Happiness book review

That was another good one, so check it out for yourself.

365 days of happiness, what it means to be a woman

Click the image about to snag your copy!

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Check out What It Means to Be a Woman today- You won’t be disappointed!

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34 thoughts on “What It Means to Be a Woman: 5 Key Takeaways From This New Book”

  1. Sounds like a really interesting read. I may need to check this one out. I’m always looking for books to read too. Seems like it would be a really inspirational book too.

  2. I love that this book talks about women’s force of energy. To me, the energy surrounding femininity is just so powerful, it radiates brilliance, calmness and life all in itself. Thanks for the review!

  3. I love these take-aways. Right now I’m working really hard at telling myself that I can achieve my dreams. It’s not always easy to believe sometimes, but I’m trying to stay positive and keep working toward my goals.

  4. Nice post and I would love to have a copy of that book empowering women to be proud and love of ourselves, that we as women can also achieve our dreams and be happy like man does.

    1. I attempt to do that with my kids, although they’re still little. But I figure they’re never too young to start learning about body positivity! Thanks for reading.

  5. This looks like an incredibly interesting book! I especially like the idea that being a woman is more than your physical body, especially since women’s bodies have become so objectified and commodified. Even those Dove commercials that celebrated all different types of bodies…sure it’s a step in the right direction, but how about women being worth more than what we look like? Having value outside of that? I also love the idea of being an “awesome force of energy.” That makes me feel incredibly inspired, though I still have to come around to the idea that I can actually achieve my dreams (as you know, depression and anxiety like to tell you otherwise). Great post, I’ll definitely check out this book!

    1. Yes, I love that too! I like the idea of being seen for who I am inside. Society has come a long way but we still have much farther to go. Thanks so much for reading!

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